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    EnergyForum Karlsruhe

    The EnergyForum Karlsruhe warmly welcomes you to explore the Website.

  • Awards

    Bronze Label Certificate

    Within scope of the European Cluster Excellence Initative, the EnergyForum Karlsruhe was awarded with the Bronze-Label-Certificate in 2017.

  • Focus on EnergyHotSpots

    Living Energy

    The new Headquarters of the Volksbank Karlsruhe serves as prime example for the active implementation of innovative Technologies into Karlsruhes cityscape.

  • Energy Region Karlsruhe

    Lighthouse Projects

    Innovative Solutions and Best Practices for the Energy sector from Karlsruhe.

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    The Energy region Karlsruhe aims to provide pioneering methods for the implementation and processing of energy saving solutions.

  • Transfer of innovative Technologies

    Research meets Industry

    The EnergyForum is strongly engaged in transferring latest Innovations from the academic world to the industrial sector.




The EnergyTour was set up together with academic and corporate Partners and the sector Network of the EnergyForum. Following the Slogan "Experience Energy" the tour will lead to the different energy-lighthouse projects in Karlsruhe. The variety of how renewable energies are actively implemented is clearly visible, for example the "Energieberg" in Karlsruhe´s harbour side.




A strong Partner Alliance


Since 2006, the EnergyForum Karlsruhe is on to providing the largest range of expert knowledge in the field of energy solutions. With its 35 Research- and Development Institutions, as well as 65 corporates from the Energy Sector, we are able to facilitate Access to knowledge and Experience of 250 Experts from different fields of specialisation in the HighTech region Karlsruhe.

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Become Active

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Here we would like to refer you to our current project-initiatives. Make your competencies count! We invite you to take note of our offer selection, do not hesitate to contact your future project partners!